A collection of hand-drawn NFT art celebrating the secure self-custody of Bitcoin and Cardano.

These are some designs you can expect in this collection, more await within.

Policy  ID: 2db139245bf7c5bdeb58a68ef5b6feb1d20bf110ffc19b2f055bb0e9
When trading, or buying a Satoshinair make sure the policy ID matches so you're never scammed



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Buy 4                          Buy 5                          Buy 6

                          Buy 7                          

Upon purchase, the buyer will have full ownership rights to the art attached to the NFT and will be able to use it however they see fit, without any limitations or restrictions.

I have created a Self-custody intro course and a website to introduce crypto starting with Bitcoin, because you only buy and hold it. Once you master self-custody of Bitcoin, moving on to other cryptocurreny like Cardano will be easier.

Self-Custody introduction course

This is a free course on Self-Custody I created in 2022. Hold Crypto Securly is an intro to what self-custody is all about, perfect for new comers to crypto who consume information better in video form. 

If you'd like some of the same information on self-custody in text format check out Satoshinair.com, though consuming both will give you the best results so you don't end up in an FTX or Celsius situation.